S.I.T. S.p.A. - Società Igiene Territorio

S.I.T. Società Igiene Territorio S.p.A. has been a leading company in the environmental health sector since the early 1980s, providing since then the most innovative solutions to waste management.

S.I.T. controls the whole waste cycle providing environmental operational and waste treatment services: waste collection, street sweeping and cleaning, recycling and disposal.

With regard to the waste collection, S.I.T. can prepare specific collection plans to serve geographic areas as big as a province, ensuring this way economies of scale, efficiency of results and optimization of the stages following waste collection.

As a growing trend is to recycle rather than to dispose of waste in landfill sites, in recent years waste selection and treatment facilities have become increasingly important.

S.I.T. has managed to implement environmental policies also in plant engineering, aware of the fact that waste should be treated as a resource rather than as a problem and that this change of perspective is necessary to support a sustainable industrial system.

On the strength of its experience in the environmental sector, S.I.T. has managed to give new life to waste materials to obtain:

  • from the organic wet portion, a quality compost;
  • from the dry portion, a product with high energy content that can be used as alternative fuel;
  • from the separate collection of plastic, glass and paper, the reintroduction of recycled materials into the production process;
  • by using traditional landfill facilities and co-generation techniques, energy production from biogas.

Given all these premises, it has been an obvious choice for S.I.T. to move to the renewable energy sector: the implementation of adequate resources and the recent planning commitment are pointing towards this direction.

On the strength of its market experience, S.I.T. S.p.A., 75% of whose capital is held by AIM VICENZA S.p.A., a multi-utility company of Vicenza’s municipality, is able today to combine the benefits of public management with autonomous decision-making power.